Black Lab Naturals specializes in
delicious gluten free baked products


Starting in 2009 we began baking granola.

We soon began receiving numerous requests for gluten free products, and we expanded our product line to include gluten-free products to help the growing population of people with Celiac disease and other gluten insensitivities.

We want the best for our customers, and so all of our products are baked fresh and contain the most wholesome ingredients. We never add preservatives, colorings, or artificial flavors and we source organic, non-GMO ingredients whenever possible (but we are not yet certified Organic). Instead of corn syrup or sugar, we use honey, organic evaporated cane juice and molasses as sweeteners, which add a depth of flavor to our all natural baked goods.

We offer gluten-free and regular granola, gluten-free cheesecakes, gluten-free foodbars, gluten-free graham crackers, gluten-free muffins, gluten-free flatbreads and gluten-free bread.

We’re located in the Hudson Valley of New York.
We welcome individual and bulk orders. (Please call for bulk pricing)
All of our products are freshly baked and shipped immediately to ensure quality.

FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50!